Sunday, 21 June 2009

Spinelli plans to step down at Livorno

Just hours after watching his side win promotion to Serie A, Livorno President Aldo Spinelli announced he would like his son to replace him at the helm.

President Spinelli with Tavano & DiamantiLivorno battered Brescia 3-0 last night to give them a 5-2 aggregate victory in the Serie B play-off final and more importantly an immediate return to the top flight.

"If my son will accept the offer to take my place, I believe that this will be my last game as Livorno President," Spinelli told Sky Sport.

"Football is cruel and for this reason I would like to leave the presidency to my son.

"This has been too tough a year for me, what with a massacre of a play-off run. I hope my son accepts," he added.

"We deserved to get back into Serie A and I my thanks go to coach Gennaro Ruotolo, but also to his predecessor Leonardo Acori and our extraordinary fans."

One of Spinelli's last acts as President will be to keep top scorers Francesco Tavano and Alessandro Diamanti at the club for next season.

"Both players will be the points of departure for the new Livorno," he concluded.

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Source: C4 Football Italia

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