Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Italian media turns on Mourinho

Jose Mourinho's attack on Claudio Ranieri has earned a vicious reaction from the Italian press, who dubbed him "arrogant, offensive and in poor taste."

The Inter coach slammed his Juventus rival by implying he had a loser’s mentality and was "nearly 70 years old" – Ranieri turns 57 in October.

"It was ugly listening to Mourinho attack Ranieri," wrote Stefano Agresti in the Corriere dello Sport.

"The tone, method and content, all of it just hideous. Rarely had we heard such strong and offensive words pronounced in this conceited manner from an experienced professional about a colleague. And we're in Italy!

"That doesn't even cover the errors – which considering the Portuguese tactician is such a perfectionist, must surely have been planted there on purpose – based on Ranieri's age and trophy haul."

Mourinho had until now been seen as a new and exciting coach on the Serie A scene, but the reputation that followed him in England has caught up with him.

"What was truly ugly in Mourinho's words was the over-riding arrogance that had been glimpsed in his Premier League experience, but that seen here in the flesh was far more direct and painful," continued the Corriere.

"Let us be clear, none of us are scandalised or aim to censor a joke, especially as Ranieri had been the one who started the verbal jousting a few days ago.

"But in a debate, no matter how heated, one must never forget good manners and respect for their opponent. Mourinho responded to a nudge with a punch in the face, striking out at both Ranieri and decorum."

The media even urged Inter President Massimo Moratti to take a stand against this interview, as Mourinho made the statements on their official club television channel.

"It is perhaps opportune that someone within the Nerazzurri administration reminds him the line between personality and arrogance is a fine one. Moratti is not accustomed to over-stepping it."

Source: C4 Football Italia

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