Thursday, 20 December 2007

Players to shake hands after matches

The Lega Calcio have confirmed that players in Italy will be forced to shake hands with opponents after matches from next month.

Lega President Antonio Matarreses told the ANSA news agency that the new initiative, for both Serie A and Serie B clubs, had been unanimously adopted.

"From January 13, players will line up on the half-way line at the end of matches and shake hands," Materrese said.

"My dream is that one day opposing fans will also shake hands."

It was not immediately made clear, however, what punishment, if any, would be imposed for those players who did not comply.

The measure was adopted after Fiorentina set an example after their 2-0 home defeat to champions Inter, when all the players of the Florence club shook hands and applauded the Nerazzurri just before they entered the tunnel.

Club officials, fans, coaches, the Italian Government and other sporting bodies, conscious of examples being set in high level sport, unanimously praised Fiorentina's initiative.

Source: AFP

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