Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Oddo: Turning point in Munich

Massimo Oddo reveals the moment Milan knew they were destined for this trophy – in Munich.

"Before the second leg in Munich I was talking to Massimo Ambrosini and we said if we won that, then we would win the Champions League. Luckily we were right," explained the defender.

The Rossoneri had drawn 2-2 with Bayern Munich at San Siro, but the 2-0 quarter-final victory in Germany sent them on their way.

"It has certainly been a fantastic year when I have won the World Cup and the Champions League. I could not have asked for better!

"To be perfectly honest, I don’t entirely feel the World Cup was ‘mine’ as I only played around 20 minutes, but I was always ready and tried to make myself useful. It was a wonderful experience."

Oddo played 90 minutes in Athens, but only joined Milan from Lazio in a drawn-out January transfer saga.

"I must thank the Coach and my teammates for helping me to settle immediately. It is not easy to join a big club mid-season and learn their system. I must also thank Lazio, as if I am here now it is at least partly because of that side."

However, there was a little too much celebrating from the right-back in Athens. "I’ve lost my winner’s medal! I’ve got to find it again or get them to make me another one!"

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Source: C4 Football Italia

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