Friday, 17 November 2006

Siena appeal rejected

Siena are furious after their appeal against a one-point penalty for financial irregularities was rejected.

The club was docked one point from the 2006-07 standings after handing in their financial documents a day after the deadline.

The Bianconeri lodged an appeal to the CAF court this week, but the outcome confirmed the original verdict.

“We will keep going in our legal challenge to have our reasons heard,” said President Paolo De Luca (pictured). “I consider it a mistake to punish us so harshly for what was basically a loophole. We democratically accept decisions like this, that we consider profoundly unjust, but will continue the battle to get our point across.”

The club's lawyer Roberto Martini told the official website he has already faxed over a new appeal. “A.C. Siena reserves the right to take every step necessary to defend itself.”

Despite the one-point penalty, the Tuscan outfit are still in fourth place going into this weekend.

Serie B outfit Pescara were also deducted one point for the same reason at the end of October.

Every side in Serie A and B must prove its financial stability before it can be registered for the new campaign and Siena were punished for handing in the documentation after the deadline.

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