Friday, 2 July 2010

Non-EU player cap reduced in Serie A

Serie A clubs have been hit by a ban limiting the number of foreign players they can sign.

The new limit - brought in by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) at today's Federal Council meeting in Rome - means Serie A clubs can only bring in one non-EU (European Union) player each season.

The signing can only be brought in to replace another non-EU member of the squad and the new cap is a reduction from the previous level of two players.

The decision was made following Italy's shock early exit from the FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa, where the reigning world champions were sent home bottom of Group F.

"The Lega Serie A doesn't want to reduce the number from two to one," said Sergio Campana, President of the Italian Footballers Association (AIC). "However, we need to start a policy that limits foreigners and value the youth academies.

"The reduction from two to one has been passed by the Federal Council even though the Lega wasn't agreed.”

The announcement by the FIGC has angered club officials, who feel the move has been made too soon, considering the transfer window officially opened yesterday.

Lega Serie A, the governing body of the Italian top-flight, has criticised the decision, with President Mario Beretta saying: "The reduction was approved by the Federation board with Serie A voting against.

"The decision leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and does not resolve Italian football's problems."

Meanwhile, the FIGC have voted unanimously in favour of keeping Giancarlo Abete in the position of President.

Abete has come under fire in recent weeks for his part in Italy's humiliating exit from the World Cup.

It was his idea to bring coach Marcello Lippi back to the Azzurri helm two years ago. He also failed with Italy's UEFA Euro 2016 bid and put his full backing behind the unpopular Tessera del Tifoso ID card scheme.

Source: Sky Sports

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