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[Fixture Changes] Serie B Weeks 3-21

The Lega Calcio has today announced the early and late kick-offs for Serie B from Week 3 to all the way up to the half-way mark of the 2009/10 season in January.

Lega CalcioAs expected, all the top head-to-head fixtures have been moved to the Friday and Monday evening slots for live television coverage in Italy.

Other adjustments have been made to take into consideration security, midweek rounds and international weeks.

As this weekend's Week 3 fixtures clash with the international calendar, the Lega has had to reschedule three Serie B games for Tuesday 15 September at the request of the clubs that have two or more of their players on international duty.

Weeks 9 and 14 are also international weeks and therefore several games may be postponed for later dates.

All kick-off times listed below are UK times (+1 for Italy/CET).

Week 3
Sunday 6 September
Ascoli v Mantova (1130)
Albinoleffe v Ancona, Cesena v Cittadella, Empoli v Crotone, Grosseto v Gallipoli, Lecce v Frosinone, Salernitana v Modena (all 1400)
Brescia v Torino (1945)
Tuesday 15 September
Reggina v Vicenza (1400)
Sassuolo v Triestina (1700)
Padova v Piacenza (1730)

Week 4
Friday 11 September
Modena v Lecce (1945)
Saturday 12 September
Cittadella v Grosseto, Crotone v Cesena, Frosinone v Padova, Gallipoli v Sassuolo, Mantova v Reggina, Piacenza v Brescia, Torino v Albinoleffe, Triestina v Salernitana, Vicenza v Ascoli (all 1430)
Monday 14 September
Ancona v Empoli (1945)

Week 5
Friday 18 September
Ascoli v Brescia (1800)
Salernitana v Torino (2000)
Saturday 19 September
Albinoleffe v Piacenza, Cesena v Triestina, Empoli v Frosinone, Grosseto v Modena, Lecce v Crotone, Padova v Ancona, Reggina v Cittadella, Sassuolo v Mantova, Vicenza v Gallipoli (all 1430)

Week 6
Tuesday 22 September
Ascoli v Cesena, Brescia v Sassuolo, Cittadella v Vicenza, Crotone v Grosseto, Frosinone v Reggina, Gallipoli v Ancona, Mantova v Albinoleffe, Modena v Empoli, Piacenza v Salernitana, Torino v Padova, Triestina v Lecce (all 1945)

Week 7
Saturday 26 September
Albinoleffe v Crotone, Empoli v Cittadella, Frosinone v Torino, Grosseto v Brescia, Lecce v Mantova, Padova v Gallipoli, Salernitana v Ascoli, Sassuolo v Cesena, Vicenza v Triestina (all 1430)
Monday 28 September
Ancona v Modena (1800)
Reggina v Piacenza (2000)

Week 8
Friday 2 October
Ascoli v Sassuolo (1945)
Saturday 3 October
Brescia v Vicenza, Cesena v Salernitana, Cittadella v Lecce, Crotone v Padova, Gallipoli v Empoli, Mantova v Grosseto, Modena v Reggina, Piacenza v Frosinone, Triestina v Albinoleffe (all 1430)
Monday 5 October
Torino v Ancona (1945)

Week 9
Sunday 11 October
Vicenza v Cesena (1130)
Albinoleffe v Ascoli, Padova v Mantova, Sassuolo v Grosseto, Torino v Modena (all 1400)
Salernitana v Cittadella (1945)
Monday 12 October
Frosinone v Crotone (1945)
Tuesday 27 October
Ancona v Piacenza, Brescia v Gallipoli, Empoli v Triestina, Lecce v Reggina (all 1945)

Week 10
Friday 16 October
Lecce v Salernitana (1945)
Saturday 17 October
Ascoli v Torino, Cesena v Brescia, Cittadella v Piacenza, Crotone v Vicenza, Grosseto v Padova, Mantova v Empoli, Modena v Frosinone, Reggina v Ancona, Triestina v Gallipoli (all 1430)
Monday 19 October
Albinoleffe v Sassuolo (1945)

Week 11
Friday 23 October
Torino v Reggina (1945)
Saturday 24 October
Ancona v Frosinone, Brescia v Albinoleffe, Cesena v Grosseto, Empoli v Ascoli, Gallipoli v Lecce, Padova v Triestina, Piacenza v Modena, Salernitana v Crotone, Sassuolo v Cittadella (all 1430)
Monday 26 October
Vicenza v Mantova (1945)

Week 12
Friday 30 October
Cittadella v Padova (1945)
Saturday 31 October
Albinoleffe v Gallipoli, Ancona v Cesena, Crotone v Piacenza, Frosinone v Sassuolo, Grosseto v Ascoli, Lecce v Empoli, Modena v Vicenza, Reggina v Salernitana, Triestina v Torino (all 1430)
Monday 2 November
Mantova v Brescia (1945)

Week 13
Friday 6 November
Empoli v Reggina (1945)
Saturday 7 November
Ascoli v Cittadella, Brescia v Triestina, Cesena v Albinoleffe, Crotone v Ancona, Gallipoli v Frosinone, Padova v Salernitana, Piacenza v Mantova, Sassuolo v Modena, Vicenza v Grosseto (all 1430)
Monday 9 November
Torino v Lecce (1945)

Week 14
Sunday 15 November
Ancona v Vicenza, Cittadella v Gallipoli, Lecce v Padova, Mantova v Cesena, Modena v Crotone, Piacenza v Torino, Triestina v Ascoli (all 1400)
Lecce v Padova (1945)
Tuesday 8 December
Frosinone v Brescia, Grosseto v Albinoleffe, Reggina v Sassuolo, Salernitana v Empoli (all 1400)

Week 15
Friday 20 November
Vicenza v Frosinone (1945)
Saturday 21 November
Albinoleffe v Modena, Ascoli v Ancona, Brescia v Lecce, Crotone v Reggina, Gallipoli v Mantova, Grosseto v Salernitana, Padova v Empoli, Sassuolo v Piacenza, Triestina v Cittadella (all 1430)
Monday 23 November
Cesena v Torino (1945)

Week 16
Friday 27 November
Salernitana v Gallipoli (1945)
Saturday 28 November
Ancona v Sassuolo, Empoli v Cesena, Frosinone v Albinoleffe, Lecce v Grosseto, Modena v Triestina, Padova v Vicenza, Piacenza v Ascoli, Torino v Crotone (all 1430)
Sunday 29 November
Reggina v Brescia (1400)
Monday 30 November
Mantova v Cittadella (1945)

Week 17
Friday 4 December
Albinoleffe v Lecce (1945)
Saturday 5 December
Ascoli v Reggina, Brescia v Empoli, Cesena v Frosinone, Cittadella v Modena, Gallipoli v Torino, Grosseto v Ancona, Mantova v Salernitana, Sassuolo v Padova, Triestina v Crotone (all 1430)
Monday 7 December
Vicenza v Piacenza (1945)

Week 18
Friday 11 December
Padova v Cesena (1945)
Saturday 12 December
Ancona v Brescia, Crotone v Gallipoli, Empoli v Vicenza, Frosinone v Cittadella, Lecce v Ascoli, Modena v Mantova, Piacenza v Grosseto, Salernitana v Albinoleffe, Torino v Sassuolo (all 1430)
Monday 14 December
Reggina v Triestina (1945)

Week 19
Friday 18 December
Ascoli v Padova (1800)
Cesena v Lecce (2000)
Saturday 19 December
Albinoleffe v Empoli, Brescia v Modena, Cittadella v Ancona, Gallipoli v Reggina, Grosseto v Frosinone, Mantova v Crotone, Sassuolo v Salernitana, Triestina v Piacenza, Vicenza v Torino (all 1430)

Week 20
Tuesday 5 January
Ancona v Triestina, Crotone v Cittadella, Empoli v Sassuolo, Frosinone v Ascoli, Lecce v Vicenza, Modena v Cesena, Padova v Albinoleffe, Piacenza v Gallipoli, Reggina v Grosseto, Torino v Mantova (all 1700)
Salernitana v Brescia (1945)

Week 21
Saturday 9 January
Albinoleffe v Reggina, Ascoli v Crotone, Brescia v Padova, Cesena v Piacenza, Cittadella v Torino, Mantova v Ancona, Sassuolo v Lecce, Triestina v Frosinone, Vicenza v Salernitana (all 1430)
Monday 11 January
Gallipoli v Modena (1800)
Grosseto v Empoli (2000)

[Week 1-2]

Source: Lega Calcio

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