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[FIXTURE CHANGES] Serie A Weeks 18-29

The Lega Calcio has today announced the early and late kick-offs for Serie A matches all the way up to Week 29.

Serie A 2008-09As expected, all the top head-to-head fixtures have been moved to the Saturday and Sunday evening slots including the Milan derby in Week 24.

Many of these adjustments have been made in the light of midweek UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup fixtures, television coverage in Italy and security reasons.

Week 25 and Week 27 will see three Saturday fixtures to give more European preperation time to Inter, Juventus and Roma.

Roma will play the
remaining 85 minutes of their abandoned Week 9 fixture against Sampdoria on Wednesday 14 January.

All kick-off times listed are UK time (+1 for Italy/CET).

Week 18:
Saturday 10 January
Genoa v Torino (1700)
Inter v Cagliari (1930)
Sunday 11 January
Bologna v Chievo, Fiorentina v Lecce, Juventus v Siena, Napoli v Catania, Palermo v Atalanta, Reggina v Lazio, Udinese v Sampdoria (all 1400)
Roma v Milan (1930)

Week 9 (Rescheduled Match):
Wednesday 14 January
Roma v Sampdoria* (1930)
* Remaining 84:09 to be played with the score at 0-0.

Week 19:
Saturday 17 January
Siena v Reggina (1700)
Milan v Fiorentina (1930)
Sunday 18 January
Atalanta v Inter, Catania v Bologna, Cagliari v Udinese, Chievo v Napoli, Lecce v Genoa, Sampdoria v Palermo, Torino v Roma (all 1400)
Lazio v Juventus (1930)

Week 20:
Saturday 24 January
Reggina v Chievo (1700)
Juventus v Fiorentina (1930)
Sunday 25 January
Bologna v Milan, Genoa v Catania, Lazio v Cagliari, Lecce v Torino, Napoli v Roma, Palermo v Udinese, Siena v Atalanta (all 1400)
Inter v Sampdoria (1930)

Week 21:
Wednesday 28 January
Atalanta v Bologna, Cagliari v Siena, Catania v Inter, Chievo v Lecce, Fiorentina v Napoli, Milan v Genoa, Roma v Palermo, Sampdoria v Lazio, Torino v Reggina, Udinese v Juventus (all 1930)

Week 22:
Saturday 31 January
Napoli v Udinese (1700)
Juventus v Cagliari (1930)
Sunday 1 February
Atalanta v Catania, Bologna v Fiorentina, Chievo v Sampdoria, Genoa v Palermo, Inter v Torino, Reggina v Roma, Siena v Lecce (all 1400)
Lazio v Milan (1930)

Week 23:
Saturday 7 February
Lecce v Inter (1700)
Milan v Reggina (1930)
Sunday 8 February
Cagliari v Atalanta, Udinese v Bologna, Torino v Chievo, Roma v Genoa, Catania v Juventus, Fiorentina v Lazio, Sampdoria v Siena (all 1400)
Palermo v Napoli (1930)

Week 24:
Saturday 14 February
Lazio v Torino (1700)
Napoli v Bologna (1930)
Sunday 15 February
Atalanta v Roma, Cagliari v Lecce, Chievo v Catania, Genoa v Fiorentina, Juventus v Sampdoria, Reggina v Palermo, Siena v Udinese (all 1400)
Inter v Milan (1930)

Week 25:
Saturday 21 February
Bologna v Inter (1500)
Roma v Siena (1700)
Palermo v Juventus (1930)
Sunday 22 February
Catania v Reggina, Fiorentina v Chievo, Lecce v Lazio, Milan v Cagliari, Napoli v Genoa, Sampdoria v Atalanta, Torino v Udinese (all 1400)

Week 26:
Saturday 28 February
Lazio v Bologna (1700)
Juventus v Napoli (1930)
Sunday 1 March
Atalanta v Chievo, Cagliari v Torino, Palermo v Catania, Reggina v Fiorentina, Sampdoria v Milan, Siena v Genoa, Udinese v Lecce (all 1400)
Inter v Roma (1930)

Week 27:
Saturday 7 March
Roma v Udinese (1500)
Genoa v Inter (1700)
Torino v Juventus (1930)
Sunday 8 March
Bologna v Sampdoria, Catania v Siena, Chievo v Cagliari, Fiorentina v Palermo, Lecce v Reggina, Milan v Atalanta, Napoli v Lazio (all 1400)

Week 28:
Saturday 14 March
Cagliari v Genoa (1700)
Juventus v Bologna (1930)
Sunday 15 March
Atalanta v Torino, Lazio v Chievo, Palermo v Lecce, Reggina v Napoli, Sampdoria v Roma, Siena v Milan, Udinese v Catania (all 1400)
Inter v Fiorentina (1930)

Week 29:
Saturday 21 March
Catania v Lazio (1700)
Roma v Juventus (1930)
Sunday 22 March
Bologna v Cagliari, Chievo v Palermo, Fiorentina v Siena, Genoa v Udinese, Inter v Reggina, Lecce v Atalanta, Torino v Sampdoria (all 1400)
Napoli v Milan (1930)

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Source: Lega Calcio

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