Monday, 17 November 2008

Bologna star stunned by shirt snub

Bologna star Vangelis Moras was stunned with the reaction of his own clubs' fans after they threw back the shirt he gave them after Sunday's match at Siena.

Vangelis MorasThe Greek defender went to thank the visiting supporters after the 1-1 draw, throwing his shirt into the stands for a lucky fan to take home as a memento.

He was therefore rather startled when the jersey was chucked straight back at him. In the end a disappointed teammate Diego Coelho took pity and picked up the shirt.

"I am very upset and disappointed. I had never seen anything like it," Moras said. "It's a great shame, as today's result was very important for us."

Captain Claudio Terzi was also annoyed at his own fans for this insulting gesture. "I don't understand how this could happen. The fans were applauding us, so I would hope it was just one individual's actions."

Director general Pier Giovanni Ricci was furious with the travelling Bologna supporters.

"I was stunned, especially as today there was no reason whatsoever to prompt this gesture. I just hope Moras' shirt landed in the hands of the wrong person, someone who does not realise what it meant.

"We really do not need people like this coming to our away games."

Source: C4 Football Italia

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