Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ruggeri becomes Atalanta President

Alessandro Ruggeri has become the youngest President of a professional Italian football club at Atalanta at the age of 21.

Ruggeri has taken up the role while his father, Ivan, remains hospitalised following an aneurysm he suffered back in January.

"I would have hoped that this day would not come so early," said Ruggeri.

"But my father has taught me not to run away from responsibility.

"I take over this role aware of the difficulties which I will face and I will try to do everything in the best possible way for the interest of Atalanta and of all the fans.

"I follow the example of my father, who worked with passion so that this club would represent with dignity our city in Italy and all over the world."

Ivan Ruggeri served as Atalanta supremo for 15 years and his son has become the 21st President of the Serie A club.

Source: Sporting Life

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