Monday, 8 September 2008

Napoli punished for fans' behaviour

Napoli have been ordered to close two sections of the Stadio San Paolo until October 31 as punishment for the behaviour of their fans on the opening weekend of the Serie A season.

Stadio San PaoloThe Curva A and B, areas where the Napoli 'ultra' supporters sit during home games, have been shut and the club has also been fined 10,000 euros.

"The fine is 10,000 euros and the punishment sees sections Curva A and Curva B to be closed to spectators until October 31, 2008," read an official statement.

Before Napoli's first game at Roma, unruly supporters vandalised trains and the central rail station in Naples before travelling to the capital.

Once at the Stadio Olimpico, several Napoli fans were detained by police.

It is not known what will happen when Napoli host Fiorentina on Sunday, however, with tickets having already been sold for that game.

Ticket sales have been suspended and a final decision will be made on Tuesday.

The other matches affected are Palermo's visit on September 24, the clash against Juventus on October 19 and the Reggina game 10 days later.

The club, who had already been told that their fans can't travel to away games for the rest of the season, have confirmed that they will appeal today's decision as they see it as unfair to their loyal supporters.

Source: Sporting Life

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