Friday, 19 September 2008

Italy invited into Euro Four Nations?

World champions Italy could be invited to play in an international mini-tournament with other superpowers of European football including France, Spain and Germany.

Four-time World ChampionsThis week there was confirmation of a British and Irish Four Nations tournament, with the exception of England.

And now the French Football Federation (FFF) President Jean-Pierre Escalettes is keen to instigate a similar competition for France, Spain, Italy and Germany, starting in 2009.

"We are looking at setting up a tournament at the beginning of June 2009, using the two international dates that we haven't filled yet," Escalettes told ESPN.

"We have looked at the possibility of organising a tournament that could bring together big countries like France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

"This tournament could proceed annually or every two years and it would be held in France or elsewhere in Europe.

"We are trying to set up something interesting with these nations and England could join in to help form a similar project with six nations," he concluded.

The organisers will have a tough job to pick out free space in an already tight international calendar if the tournament is given the green light.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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