Saturday, 3 May 2008

Treviso match abandoned; policewoman commits suicide

The Serie B match between Treviso and Grosseto was suspended after 20 minutes when news arrived that an on duty policewoman had shot herself outside the stadium.

Grosseto were leading 1-0 against their relegation-thretened opponents at the Stadio Tenni in north-eastern Italy when spectators in the stands alerted the authorities and referee that something serious had happened outside the stadium.

Fans said that they heard gun shots behind one of the stands but there were no violent incidents between the rival sets of supporters.

According to reports the women officer attempted suicide, for unknown reasons, and was taken to hospital where she later died. A second officer was slightly injured when trying to prevent the incident.

The two teams and sets of fans were left stunned by the tragic events. The Week 38 match will have to be replayed at a later date.

Source: Ansa / Gazzetta dello Sport / Corriere dello Sport

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