Sunday, 23 March 2008

Palermo against Guidolin comments

Francesco Guidolin’s time at the Stadio Renzo Barbera could be coming to an end after Palermo released a statement last night distancing themselves from comments he made in the media.

The tension has been sky high for several weeks and hit boiling point after Wednesday’s defeat to 10-man Parma.

President Maurizio Zamparini hurled abuse at Guidolin throughout the media, insisting he was to blame for the downturn in fortunes and "no longer believes in this team."

The coach reacted angrily and in turn claimed the public lack of confidence was behind Saturday’s 3-2 home loss to Genoa.

"Unfortunately we did not win, but we were playing in a Hellish atmosphere and it was impossible to play football. I would like to end the season here, as I have given so much to this club, though for some time I’ve already known what I’d like to be doing next term."

Even that is unlikely to happen after the Sicilian club released an official statement.

"These comments gave an ungenerous and distorted view of the fans who, despite the disappointing course of the campaign, continue to cheer on their team aside from the odd sporadic and civil manifestation of dissent."

Guidolin also hinted that he felt sources within the club had 'planted' protestors in the stands to force him to resign.

"Besides the reference to a presumed premeditation or organisation of such manifestations of dissent irrevocably damage the image of the entire Palermo fanbase and the club," continued the statement.

"The club also reserves the right to protect its image and honour with legal action.

"At the end of the game the club had confirmed its faith in Guidolin directly via its President despite the latest defeat and the statements released by the coach in Friday’s press conference.

"However, considering the seriousness of the facts described here, Palermo reserve any decision on the management of the team."

There have been reports that Stefano Colantuono will be drafted back in. He was sacked in order to make way for Guidolin earlier this season.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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