Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Spinelli considers Arrigoni rethink

President Aldo Spinelli may opt to keep faith with ‘axed’ Coach Daniele Arrigoni after crisis talks with the Livorno squad.

The Amaranto chief sacked the tactician on Sunday, after they were hammered 5-1 by Atalanta, but furious players asked the club to reconsider the situation.

“The players are defending Arrigoni,” said Spinelli after meeting with representatives of the team late last night. “I haven’t yet made my final decision. We analysed the situation, including Sunday’s match and the performance of the team. The players have accepted part of the blame for what happened.”

“We are evaluating some factors with the management and we have not decided if we will keep the old Coach or if we will look for a new one. The players explained their position to me and I answered that I need some time - they should have thought about it before. My staff will now report to me and then we will decide.”

Goalkeeper Marco Amelia was one of the men who expressed their support for Arrigoni, a stance which annoyed Spinelli. The latter noted that Amelia had a “sharp tongue” and that he would consider selling the World Cup winner before the end of the month.

“Amelia is a target for Spartak Moscow, but there still are several details to clarify before he signs a contract,” he added. “In any case, Amelia likes it here.”

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