Thursday, 25 January 2007

Milan and Inter indicted

Milan and Inter have been indicted by Federal Prosecutor Stefano Palazzi as part of his latest investigation.

Both clubs have been accused of false accounting in order for them to register for the 2004-05 season and Palazzi decided to hand the case to the disciplinary commission after completing his enquiry.

The investigation was launched after goalkeeper Simone Brunelli reported that his signature had been counterfeited in 2003 when he was sold from Milan to Inter.

The 23-year-old player, who is still owned by Inter but has been out of action since 2004 because of an injury, was sold to the Via Durini outfit during the summer of 2003.

However, he only learned about his transfer from the newspapers and received a signed contract at his home only after insisting the club send it to him.

He then discovered that the signature on the agreement was not his and that he was valued at £2m, despite his monthly wage only being £1,700.

Brunelli’s case, as well as a civil enquiry, caused the new Federal investigation to be launched. Milan and Inter will now be judged by the disciplinary commission for objective responsibility in the case.

Nerazzurri official Gabriele Oriali and the goalkeeper himself, who moved to Vis Pesaro on a loan deal in 2005, will also go in front of the commission.

Palazzi also transmitted the file to Federal Commissioner Luca Pancalli, who will be called to assess the situation and decide if the clubs will be handed any punishment.

Milan and Inter have both maintained their innocence. If they are found of any wrongdoings they could be fined or docked points, even if the latter is unlikely according to reports in Italy.

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