Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Juve to remember boys

Juventus will face Bologna tonight with special shirts to honour the memory of the two youth players who died on Friday.

The club are currently in mourning after the loss of Alessio Ferramosca and goalkeeper Riccardo Neri, both aged 17, who drowned in a freak accident at the club’s training ground.

As a sign of respect to the pair, Juventus – who cancelled Friday’s game against Cesena – will face Bologna with shirts that will have the names of the boys on them.

“We will do all that we can as a club to help in the investigation,” stated Juventus President Giovanni Cobolli Gigli. “I’ve seen the pain that their families are going through.”

Juventus have endured a terrible year, one of the darkest in their history, but Cobolli Gigli put everything into perspective. “Losing a Scudetto is nothing compared to this,” he stated. “To lose two boys at that age is a tragedy for their family and us.”

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