Sunday, 17 December 2006

Juve drowning investigation begins

Police in Turin have opened an investigation into how two Juventus youth team players drowned at the club’s training camp on Friday.

Tragedy struck the side when 17-year-olds Alessio Ferramosca and Riccardo Neri were found in an artificial lake at the Vinovo ground.

It’s believed the two youngsters, part of the Berretti (Under-17) youth side, climbed over the fence and tried to recover some footballs that had fallen into the icy water. They slipped on the plastic sheeting lining the lake and couldn’t get back out.

The police have begun their enquiry into manslaughter, citing five people under investigation. They are Juventus administrator Jean Claude Blanc, Berretti Coach Maurizio Schinaglia, goalkeeping trainer Lorenzo Frison, and those who run the Mondo Juve training camp – Renato Opezzi and Alessandro Sorbone.

“These names in the investigation are a necessary part of the process,” said the Juventus lawyers. “It’s just moving towards understanding what happened and researching the incident.”

The Bianconeri’s match with Cesena was called off on Friday night after news of the tragic deaths and Alessandro Del Piero left a message on his official website.

“It’s a terrible loss that struck all of Juventus while we were already at the Stadio Olimpico for the game. When we discovered what had happened, I and the team were speechless,” he commented. “I express my most heartfelt condolences to their families and are close to them and the boys’ teammates. We had celebrated the club’s Christmas party with the whole squad just a few days ago.”

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