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[Ritiro] New season preparations begin

With the countdown to the 2010-11 Serie A season just under eight weeks, the summer holidays are over for the players of one club, while most of the rest will be back in training by the middle of this month.

First to bring their players back later today will be Juventus, although Cagliari had a pre-pre-season gathering yesterday. The week begining Monday 5 July sees seven other clubs; including Sampdoria, Napoli, Palermo and Lazio; check in.

Cagliari return to work on Monday 12 July along with Fiorentina and champions Inter, while the likes of Roma and Genoa come back by the end of that week.

The last to report back for duty from the beach are the players of Milan on Tuesday 20 July.

All 20 top-flight clubs will be preparing for the new Serie A season, which begins on the weekend of Sunday 29 August, with training camps at home and abroad, friendly matches and mini-tournaments over the next two months.

The following are dates of all the gatherings, training camps and friendly matches announced so far. Check back regularly for further fixture announcements, updates and results...

Gatherings & Training camps
14-30 July: Gathering in Ridanna (Bolzano).
2-13 August: Training camp in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso).

11-25 July: Gathering in Andalo (Trento).
28 July-6 August: Tour of Saudi Arabia.
9-14 August: Training camp in Sestola (Modena).

14 July: Gathering in Coccaglio.
16 July-3 August: Training camp in Storo (Trento).

30 June: Gathering in Assemini.
12 July: Training camp in Assemini.

8 July: Gathering in Catania.
12 July: Training camp in Trento (Rumo e Pinzolo) and then in Umbria (Santa Maria degli Angeli di Assisi).

14-30 July: Gathering in Malles Venosta (Bolzano).
2-7 August: Training camp in Castrocaro Terme (Forli'-Cesena).

12 July: Gathering in Verona.
14 July: Training camp in San Zeno di Montagna (Verona).

12 July: Gathering in Florence.
15-30 July: Training camp in Cortina D'Ampezzo (Belluno) then in San Piero a Sieve in Mugello.

17 July: Gathering in Genoa.
18-30 July: Training camp in Neustift (Austria, sud Tirolo).

12-25 July: Gathering at Appiano Gentile.
26 July-7 August: Tour of USA.

1-18 July: Gathering and training camp in Pinzolo (Turin).

10-30 July: Gathering and training camp in Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno).

5-8 July: Gathering in Lecce.
15 July-7 August: Training camp in Tarvisio (Udine).

20 July: Gathering and training camp at Milanello.

8 July: Gathering in Castel Volturno.
12 July-2 August: Training camp in Folgaria (Trento).

8 July: Gathering in Palermo.
11-23 July: Training camp in Bad Kleinkirchheim (Austria).
26 July-6 August: Training camp in St-Veit an der Glan.
9 August: Training in Palermo.

12-30 July: Gathering and training camp in Levico Terme (Trento).

15-27 July: Gathering and training camp in Riscone di Brunico (Bolzano).
31 July-1 August: Friendly tournament in France.

6 July : Gathering in Mugnaini di Bogliasco.
10 July-6 August: Training camp in Moena (Trento).

18 July-7 August: Gathering and training camp in Arta Terme (Udine).

Pre-season Friendlies
11 July: Juventus 6-0 Trentino (representative team).
14 July: Sampdoria 15-0 Monti Pallidi.
15 July: Juventus 5-0 Al Nassr, Palermo 10-0 Bad Kleinkirchheim, Bologna 3-0 Molveno, Bologna 1-0 Cavedago.
17 July: Sampdoria v Bolzano a Moena.
18 July: Juventus v Hamburg, Napoli v Altipiani a Folgaria, Roma v Riscone di Brunico XI, Lazio Auronzo, Fiorentina v Cortina, Parma v Levico Terme, Chievo v San Zeno, Catania v Local XI, Palermo v Radenthein, Bologna v Garibaldina e Rotaliana, Cesena v Bassa val Venosta.
20 July: Sampdoria v Bocs Ksc.
21 July: Lazio v Iran, Parma v Feralpi Salo, Brescia v Chiese, Catania v Feralpi Salo, Cesena v Alta val Venosta, Bologna v Bologna B.
22 July: Lazio v Feltrese, Fiorentina v Vazzolese, Palermo v Krumpendorf, Bari v Dilettanti Val Ridanna, Parma v Borgo.
24 July: Juventus v Lyon, Napoli v Mezzocorona, Roma v Alto Adige, Lazio v Pro Patria, Genoa v Stubaitol, Catania v Marseille, Lecce v Nazionale Montepaschi, Cagliari v Dilettanti Sardi (representative team).
25 July: Milan v Varese, Napoli v Cittadella, Lazio v Belluno, Fiorentina v Montebelluna, Sampdoria v Porto, Parma v Spal, Brescia v Feralpi Salo, Bari v Al Nassr.
27 July: Roma v Al Sadd, Bologna v Trento.
28 July: Lazio v Al Nassr, Palermo v Ska Klagenfurt, Cesena v Alto Adige, Bari v Lumezzane, Lecce v Friuli Venezia Giulia XI, Cagliari v Bastia.
29 July: Lazio v Portogruaro, Palermo v St.Veit.
30 July: Genoa v Varese, Parma v Al Sadd, Fiorentina v Padova.
31 July: Milan v Arsenal, Inter v Manchester City, Sampdoria v Espanyol, Brescia v Montichiari, Palermo v Al Ahli, Cagliari v Ajaccio.
1 August: Milan v Lyon, Brescia v Larissa, Palermo v Vllaznia, Lecce v Tamai.
3 August: Inter v Panathinaikos, Palermo v Bochum.
4 August: Genoa v Savona, Catania v Ascoli, Cagliari v Campobasso.
5 August: Inter v Dallas, Parma v Racing Santander, Palermo v Eintracht Frankfurt, Sampdoria v Sudtirol, Bari v Venezia.
6 August: Milan v Panathinaikos.
7 August: Inter v Olympiakos, Fiorentina v Tottenham, Sampdoria v Cologne, Cagliari v Atalanta.
10 August: Lazio v Racing Santander.
11 August: Bari v Chievo.
12 August: Palermo v Valencia.
13 August: Genoa v Athletic Bilbao, Catania v Deportivo La Coruna.
18 August: Fiorentina v Valencia.
19 August: Genoa v Genoa Primavera.
22 August: Milan v Juventus.
25 August: Milan v Barcelona.

* The dates and fixtures above are provisional and are subject to change.

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