Monday, 26 July 2010

Rai to reduce "la moviola" replays

Italy's Rai television will stop showing replays of controversial refereeing decisions this season in a bid to ease the tension and negativity around Italian football.

The state broadcaster wants to avoid the heated, if entertaining, arguments which often erupt between pundits on its late night weekend Serie A highlights show when contentious referee calls are questioned to every little detail.

"Now we can think about a football with less shouting and more thought," Rai President Paolo Galimberti said in a statement on Monday.

Endless slow-motion replays - la moviola - of debatable incidents which do not involve goals or dismissals will be replaced with more analysis and debate of team tactics.

The Italian Referees' Association (AIA) welcomed the move but its members will only receive partial respite given that Sky Italia and Mediaset, two of the other major broadcaster who will be covering matches live, have no plans to drop controversial replays.

The AIA has in the past complained about the constant criticism their members receive in the post-match analysis, and the pressure they are therefore put under ahead of future matches.

Source: Reuters

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