Thursday, 27 May 2010

Euro 2016 decision on Friday

The host nation for the 2016 UEFA European Championships will be selected and announced by European football's governing body at a ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday at 12pm (UK time).

UEFA Euro 2016 - Italy CandidateThe naming proceedings will follow a busy day when the three candidates to host Euro 2016 – Turkey, Italy and France – will make the final formal presentations of their bids to UEFA's Executive Committee.

The final presentations will run from 8.30am, with the Turkish Football Association (TFF), the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and the French Football Federation (FFF) taking the stage in turn at the Espace Hippomene, scene of all Friday's activities.

Once the presentations are made, the Executive Committee will gather, from 10.45am, to deliberate and vote. The announcement ceremony will follow directly the voting process at 12pm.

In accordance with the bidding regulations, UEFA President Michel Platini (France), UEFA First vice-President Senes Erzik (Turkey), and UEFA Executive Committee member and President of FIGC Giancarlo Abete (Italy) will not be entitled to participate in the deliberation and voting process.

Consequently, the Second vice-President Geoffrey Thompson (England) will be chair of the meeting and will be allowed to vote together with the other 12 members of the Executive Committee - Angel Maria Villar Llona (Spain), Marios Lefkaritis (Cyprus), Dr Joseph Mifsud (Malta), Allan Hansen (Denmark), Frantisek Laurinec (Slovakia), Avraham Luzon (Israel), Dr Gilberto Madail (Portugal), Mircea Sandu (Romania), Grigoriy Surkis (Ukraine), Michael van Praag (Netherlands), Liutauras Varanavicius (Lithuania), Dr Theo Zwanziger (Germany).

Representatives of the three bidding associations handed over their bid dossiers to UEFA in February
[+], and since then UEFA has produced an evaluation report which analysed each bid under more than 100 technical criteria [+].

The bidders received their respective section of the evaluation report in late April and met with UEFA and delegates of the UEFA National Team Competitions Committee at the start of May

The National Team Competitions Committee assembled again on Wednesday to finalise technical recommendations to the Executive Committee, and the key aspects of the bid and technical evaluations were presented by the National Team Competitions Committee delegates to the Executive Committee earlier today.

On Friday lunchtime, there will be a first round of voting where the bids must be ranked in order of first, second and third place. Third place gets one point, second place two points and first place three points plus a bonus two points.

The bid with the lowest score is eliminated. If, after the first ballot, only one bidder remains (i.e. two are tied with the lowest number of votes) an intermediate ballot involving the two low-scoring bidders will ensue. If, in this intermediate ballot, both bidders receive the same number of points then the chair will determine which is excluded by means of a casting vote.

A second round of voting then takes place whereby each eligible member of the Executive Committee will vote for one of the two bidders. The bidder with the higher number of votes wins. In the event of a tie, the chair will decide which bidder is chosen as host association through a casting vote.

Italy learn from mistakes for Euro 2016 bid [+]

Source: UEFA

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