Saturday, 17 January 2009

Milan - Kaka is still our player

AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti insists that the club need time to consider Manchester City's offer for star player Ricardo Kaka.

Ricardo Kaka & Paolo MaldiniAncelotti was speaking after the 1-0 win over Fiorentina, which was overshadowed - before, during and after - by fans protesting against the possible sale of the club's prized asset.

Ancelotti remains insistent that he wants the 26-year-old Brazilian to remain at the San Siro, but admits the reported world record-breaking offer needs consideration.

"Of course I hope Kaka will stay. He is an important player for us," Ancelotti told Sky Sport Italia. "The situation is still evolving and anything can happen.

"It's true there has been an important offer for an important player and it is only right we take all the time needed to evaluate it."

After the game Kaka was seen hugging his team-mates, which some sections of the foreign media claimed was him saying his goodbyes, but Ancelotti refuted this.

"Tonight he had some very positive emotions, as all the Milan supporters showed him great love and affection," he said.

"Did he cry? No, the media are reading things into everything. He was spotted with his suitcase yesterday because he was going into the pre-match gathering, not for any other reason."

Ancelotti did not want to be drawn too much on what would happen at Milan if Kaka did depart.

"There is an emotional attachment to this lad who has been here for many years. Professionally speaking I am honoured to train him and will wait to see what happens, but Milan will carry on with or without Kaka," he said.

"For a move to go through we need the consent of the two clubs and the player. So far none of these things have happened.

"If he said no to Manchester City, then obviously he would not leave. If he did go then we would be dealing without an important player, so it would certainly prompt a tactical modification, as he has very special characteristics."

Before the game rumours swept across Milan that Kaka had already penned a deal with the English club - but vice-President Adriano Galliani broke his silence on the subject before tonight's game to deny anything had been agreed.

"Kaka is absolutely a Milan player. Nobody has signed anything, not the clubs nor the player. We are pondering and considering, but nothing has happened," he told Sky Sport Italia.

"No decisions have been made. Believe me, otherwise I wouldn't have come here to tell you. There is time and we will see what happens."

Some have said that Monday will be the crucial day, as Kaka's father and advisor is expected to fly in from Brazil for talks with the club.

"Monday is not to be seen as a dramatic point, although I can see how the media want that to be the story," continued Galliani.

"We have time to consider and ponder, then we will all make a decision along with the player.

"For the moment Kaka has not been sold. I don't know what will happen, but I am a Milan fan who also has the responsibility of looking after the club's interests.

"I have the same love and affection for the side as all the other fans, but I must also use my business sense and we will see what happens."

Source: Sky Sports

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