Monday, 17 November 2008

Zenga reprimanded following TV bust-up

Catania coach Walter Zenga has been fined by his club after having a heated television argument with a journalist in the wake of Sunday's 3-2 triumph against Torino.

Enrico Varriale & Walter ZengaThe temperamental Zenga, a former Inter and Italy goalkeeper, exchanged words with the presenter of Studio Sprint Enrico Varriale during a live broadcast on Rai Due.

Zenga accused Varriale of speaking behind his back after the Catania coach had refused to go live on the show the previous weekend, and the host complained at the decision "especially because when Zenga was a forgotten man, we (Rai) invited him to work with us as a pundit".

Zenga did appear this week and immediately brought up the accusation in a furious tone.

"I would have preferred you not talk behind my back about my private life and past as a coach," Zenga said.

"You were a great goalkeeper who made few mistakes, but this comment was a mistake, much like the one you made against Argentina that cost us the 1990 World Cup," Varriale had a dig.

It descended into a shouting match and when Varriale asked Zenga to be careful what he said, the coach turned to sarcasm.

"Wow, I am so scared, I'm quaking in my boots," continued Zenga. "I came here just to tell you that - you showed a lack of respect and are out of control."

Varriale repeatedly suggested discussing the game, but Zenga only noted: "I won't talk to you."

Last week, the same post-match analysis programme saw Inter coach Jose Mourinho storm out of a live interview when asked about comparisons with predecessor Roberto Mancini.

Today Catania general director Pietro Lo Monaco announced that the club would fine Zenga for the bust-up. "What happened is not good for him or, more importantly, for the image of the club that is working hard to give a positive image to the whole of Italy.

"At times it feels as though he has forgotten that he is no longer a football player. Zenga is doing a great job on the pitch but he cannot succumb to these episodes."

However, both Zenga and Varriale have since met at today's coaching awards ceremony in Coverciano where they laughed off the incident.

Source: C4 Football Italia


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