Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Napoli fans banned for season

Napoli fans will be banned from travelling to away games for the rest of the season after a section of supporters vandalised a train on the way to the Roma match.

Napoli fansThe authorities had originally banned the sale of tickets to Napoli supporters for the 'high risk' encounter at the Stadio Olimpico, but decided to allow limited stubs as "an act of good faith."

That was promptly violated when hundreds caused chaos at the train stations in both Naples and Rome, forcing regular passengers off the train and demanding travel to and from the capital without a ticket.

"The organised Napoli fan groups are banned from travelling for the rest of the season," slammed Minister Roberto Maroni this evening after urgent meetings in Rome.

"We will also identify at risk games and, if necessary, some of them will be played behind closed doors.

"Those people who effectively kidnapped the train on Sunday were no more than organised criminals.

"We will identify and punish those responsible, ban them from attending sporting events for two years and proceed to charge them with criminal damage."

There were only five arrests after the chaotic scenes in Naples and Rome, but the police believe they can use CCTV footage to track down and identify further perpetrators of the violence.

The railway company noted that the fans had caused £300,000 worth of damage to the train, wrecking seats, windows, toilets and daubing graffiti inside the carriages.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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