Thursday, 3 July 2008

Serie A sides get second non-EU player

The Federal Council has given the green light for Serie A sides to have more than one non-EU player in their squad.

Italian clubs have struggled to compete with their European neighbours in recent years, as they have been allowed no more than one player with non-EU status.

The change in Italy could render Serie A sides more active in the market and could see new players from the likes of South America and Africa become targets.

"The law has passed," announced the President of the Italian Coaches Association (AIAC) Renzo Ulivieri. "New talent can now arrive in Italy to reinforce our squads."

For 2008-09, the rule will apply to all 20 Serie A clubs who have "the possibility of signing two non-EU players where at least one is to replace a non-EU player who has become a free agent or moved abroad."

In Spain, Primera Liga clubs may have up to three non-EU players, while in the French Ligue 1 clubs can have a maximum of four. However, agreements with the EU mean players from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific are not considered as non-EU players in both leagues.

Germany's Bundesliga has no limits on EU players as it demands that their sides must have at least eight homegrown players in their squads. England's Premier League has no limits either, but players from non-EU countries must gain work permits from the immigration department.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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