Thursday, 24 July 2008

Livorno-Atalanta inquiry blames Balleri

Davide Balleri is the only player to be punished for the alleged collusion between Livorno and Atalanta during last season’s encounters.

Atalanta-Livorno last seasonAtalanta and Livorno can breath a collective sigh of relief after today's decision from Sergio Artico's disciplinary committee.

Prosecutor Stefano Palazzi had asked for six points to be deducted from both clubs for the coming season.

He also recommended a 42-month ban for Balleri and Gian Paolo Bellini of Atalanta and five months for Emanuele and Antonio Filippini and Alessandro Grandoni.

However, Balleri is the only player to receive any sanctions and will be banned for four months and fined £20,000.

"It was clear that there was a strong desire on the behalf of the Livorno players to try and avoid relegation whereas the Atalanta players had a lax attitude as they were already safe," the committee’s declaration read.

"And there was inconclusive proof of an agreement between the two captains. But Balleri acted in an illegal manner by trying to find an arrangement."

Balleri has signed for Serie C2 newcomers Como for the next two years and is hoping to overturn the decision in time to start the 2008-09 campaign at the Stadio Sinigaglia.

"I will appeal because I don’t deserve this," Balleri stated upon hearing the verdict.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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