Saturday, 14 June 2008

[Euro 2008] Don trusts honest Dutch

Roberto Donadoni has confidence the Netherlands will be "fair and honest" in the potentially decisive encounter with Romania.

While UEFA have stated it’s "normal" for the Dutch to field a second string side that could lose to Romania – a result that would eliminate both Italy and France – the Azzurri boss remains hopeful.

"I think of fairness and honesty, not the usual debates people have which are no good to anyone," said the coach.

It is logical for Donadoni to have faith in Marco Van Basten, his former Milan teammate and golfing partner.

"I know his qualities as a person and his abilities as a coach. He is a guarantee. Besides, if he should send out a second string side, it wouldn’t be a bad thing, because the reserves want to prove themselves."

He also defended referee Tom Henning Ovrebo despite disallowing a valid Luca Toni goal.

"Enough of this kind of implication. Clearly yesterday was not a good day for the referee, but these are things that happen, just as they do to me or my players."

In order to qualify the Azzurri must also get a result against France – a victory or possibly as little as a score draw if Holland win.

"I believe in honesty and sport. The rest doesn’t count for me and we have to focus only on ourselves.

"We have the opportunity to beat Les Bleus and will fight all the way to the end."

Meanwhile, France coach Raymond Domenech has said facing Italy in another showdown is a derby for him and he expects a heated atmosphere.

The two sides have clashed repeatedly over the past two years in the World Cup Final and qualifying for Euro 2008.

"Italy-France is my derby nowadays, an extraordinary game everyone would like to play in. And I can’t wait for it to come," said the controversial coach.

"Now we are going to play this wonderful, exceptional game with emotions and sensations that are the only reason to do this job and work in the football world.

Domenech was given a touchline ban in their last meeting in Milan for unsubstantiated comments suggesting the Azzurri had bought the referee in an Under-21 game in the past.

For all the glamour of the occasion, both giants could crash out of Euro 2008.

"We are not in charge of our own destiny. We can only play and see what happened in the other game."

Source: C4 Football Italia

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