Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Serie B Week 38: Rescheduled match

Wednesday 14 May
Treviso 2-1 Grosseto
Treviso overcame a 1-0 deficit to beat Grosseto 2-1 in a partially replayed Serie B game suspended when a police officer attempted suicide.

The Week 38 match originally kicked off on May 3 and Grosseto were leading 1-0 through Graffiedi’s goal when play was halted on 21 minutes.

The sounds of shots had rung out in the Stadio Tenni, as a female police officer on security duty outside the ground attempted suicide.

She was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery and is still in a critical condition.

According to the new rules, the game began again from the moment in which it was stopped rather than being replayed in its entirety.

Despite 'starting' a goal down in the 69-minute encounter, Treviso fought back to win 2-1 thanks to Quadrini’s strike and a Barreto penalty.

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Source: C4 Football Italia

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