Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Dates set for 2008/09 season

The Lega Calcio have confirmed the 2008/09 Serie A championship will commence on the weekend of 31 August 2008 and will end on 31 May 2009.

The decision, along with the schedule for the Coppa Italia and SuperCoppa, was made today after a meeting of the Italian Football League officials and members in Milan.

There will be three midweek rounds next season on 24 September, 29 October and 28 January, with three breaks for 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers on 7 September, 12 October and 29 March.

The Christmas break will start after the last round of the year on 21 December and will last until 11 January, so there will be no matches on 28 December and 4 January.

The Coppa Italia will resemble the format used in England, with 20 teams from Serie A, 22 from Serie B, 18 from Serie C1, 9 from Serie C2 and 9 from Serie D taking part.

The competition will start on 9 August and end on 13 May, with one-legged matches until the quarter-final stages and the semi-finals over two legs.

The final will be a single match and will be attended by the President of the Italian Republic, most probably at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

The season's curtain raiser, the SuperCoppa Italia between Serie A champions Inter and Coppa Italia holders Roma, has been scheduled for 24 August.

The pre-season match is set to be played at Milan's Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, though both clubs are looking at the possibility of playing the match abroad and maybe on another date. "We will see the interest from other countries and evaluate each of the bids before a final decision," said the Lega President Antonio Matarrese.

Finally, the new Serie B season will begin on the same weekend as the top-flight on 30 August. The full Second Division schedule is yet to be defined.

SERIE A 2008-09
Opening Matchday (Round 1)
Sunday 31 August 2008
Final Matchday (Round 38)
Sunday 31 May 2009
Midweek Matchdays
Wednesday 24 September 2008
Wednesday 29 October 2008
Wednesday 28 January 2008
International Break (World Cup qualifiers)
Sunday 7 September 2008
Sunday 12 October 2008
Sunday 29 March 2009
Winter Break
Sunday 28 December 2008
Sunday 4 January 2009

SERIE B 2008-09
Opening Matchday (Round 1)
Saturday 30 August 2008

Sunday 24 August 2008

First Round
Saturday 9 August 2008
Second Round
Sunday 17 August 2008
Third Round
Saturday 23 August 2008
Fourth Round
Thursday 18 September or 2 October 2008
Fifth Round
Wednesday 12 November, 3 December, 10 December or 17 December 2008
Quarter-Finals (First Leg)
Wednesday 21 January 2009
Quarter-Finals (Second Leg)
Wednesday 4 February 2009
Semi-Finals (First Leg)
Wednesday 4 March 2009
Semi-Final (Second Leg)
Wednesday 22 April 2009
Wednesday 13 May 2009

Source: Lega Calcio / Ansa


  1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to the new Serie A season!

  2. when new season 2008-09 fixture? please let me know

  3. ^ Will post the date of the Serie A and Serie B fixture publication on this blog as soon as it is released by the Lega Calcio.

  4. i heard plan new season fixture on july 25 . this true?

  5. ^ The 2008-09 fixtures for Serie A and Serie B will be drawn up and released on Friday July 25.