Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Lazio all out to win against Inter

Lazio coach Delio Rossi insists his team will go all out for the win against Inter on Saturday, even if it means rivals Roma winning the Scudetto.

With the Giallorossi now just four points behind the League leaders, some Biancocelesti fans have voiced concerns over their possible role in the title race.

In a twist of fate, a good performance from Lazio could hand their city rivals a great chance of securing the Serie A title.

Rossi is staying out of the debate though, insisting that his team will go into this match with the same attitude as any other.

"When this team plays, we have to think about winning and not losing. I can’t understand anyone who is hoping for a defeat.

"Of course they are stronger than us, but we will give our all and it would be absurd to do anything else. The game against Inter is an important match against a very strong side, but we are going to take them on. We have fought against everyone and I don’t see why we should do any differently against Inter," argued the tactician.

With Lazio also set to face the Nerazzurri in the Coppa Italia semi-finals, there were suggestions from some fans that they should go easy on Inter in the League and hope their opponents return the favour in the Cup.

However, those theories merely outraged Rossi. "Would we do an exchange with Inter and lose this game on purpose to win the Coppa Italia semi-final? Anyone who would suggest that has nothing to do with Lazio - these discussions have no place," stormed the Biancocelesti boss.

Source: Five FootballItaliano

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