Friday, 7 March 2008

Inter appologise for Milan slur

Inter have apologised to city rivals AC Milan after the Rossoneri took affront at the "inelegant comments made from a short memory."

The Nerazzurri are celebrating their centenary this weekend and President Massimo Moratti took the opportunity to extol the virtues of his club’s history.

"Inter are known throughout the world as the prestigious team of Milan, not only for what they have won but because they have never had any problems with the law," Moratti said.

"With me, I have always had people who have followed correct behaviour without ever being sly, cutting corners or influencing referees.

"The shame of having to defend yourself in front of deplorable circumstances is an unpleasant thing in the history of any club."

Milan took this to be a direct swipe at themselves, as they are the other side in the city of Milan and were recently embroiled in the Calciopoli scandal.

"Milan denounce Moratti has an extremely short memory when he says they never had any problems with the justice system and is also notably imprecise when placing themselves in the hierarchy," a statement read on their website.

"Despite the understandable affection Moratti has for his team, it seems truly exaggerated to affirm they 'have always been considered the prestige club in Milan' when there is another side that has won a great deal more in Italy and internationally.

"It is ironic that these comments come on the day that Milan – the other club in this city – received the Golden Collar from the Italian Olympic Committee. This is the maximum sporting honour that can be given to clubs that have honoured the history of Italian sport.

"In any case, we wish to congratulate our Nerazzurri cousins and Inter for their 100 years."

Inter have taken note and publicly apologised, assuring on their official website that no insult was intended.

"What was reported took on a different meaning and did not represent the thoughts expressed by President Moratti.

"In the overall statement he intended to refer exclusively to the historic achievements of the Nerazzurri outfit without any intention of referring to the equally glorious history of Milan."

Last night Moratti also spoke with Milan general manager Adriano Galliani to calm the situation and apologise for the misunderstanding.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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