Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Azzurri: Contract extension - Don deal

Italy coach Roberto Donadoni’s contract extension will be discussed after the friendly with Portugal, confirmed the FIGC.

Donadoni’s current deal expires during the European Championships this summer, which he guided the Azzurri to despite a shaky start to qualifying.

"We will discuss the matter immediately after Italy-Portugal," announced Federation President Giancarlo Abete.

It is believed there will be a two-year extension drawn up with an improvement in economic terms, but some of the details could be based on what happens in Austria and Switzerland.

"The intent is there and we also both have the confidence we’ll reach an agreement. We will see if we need a written statement or just a handshake between people who are accustomed to respecting agreements.

"Is there a clause tying the extension to a good result in Euro 2008? First let me make my proposal to Donadoni," added Abete, hinting that success in Austria and Switzerland is crucial for the tactician’s future.

Donadoni says he trusts the FIGC’s promise of a new contract, but won’t accept a simple handshake deal.

"I am not one of those people who think words dissipate into the air, but certain things ought to be written down in black and white," noted Donadoni.

"I trust the word I have been given and when the moment comes we will sit down and I will calmly evaluate the proposal of the FIGC.

"For me coaching is a wonderful thing, whether you are in charge of the Nazionale or a club. I must say what I have experienced in my 18 months with the Azzurri has made me happy."

Donadoni was under fire from the Italian media and expected to be fired during the qualifying campaign, but the tide turned when a 2-1 victory in Scotland sent them into the finals by topping the group.

In the tournament itself this summer, the Azzurri will face France, the Netherlands and Romania in the so-called Group of Death.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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