Friday, 4 January 2008

Gov approves collective TV rights sale

The Government in Italy has given the green light for the Italian Football League to collectively sell their television rights, beginning with the 2010-2011 season.

Sky ItaliaSports Minister Giovanna Melandri said the government bill will even the gap between the richer and poorer clubs in the top flight and the lower leagues.

Top Serie A clubs earn seven times as much as those at the bottom. Melandri claims the gap will be shut to four times as much with the passage of the bill.

Serie A clubs agreed in October to the switch from selling individual rights despite an uproar from some Serie B clubs. This came after the antitrust authority recommended the switch last January.

Forty percent of revenues will be distributed equally, 30 percent will be determined by the performance of the teams based on history and future indicators, while the final 30 percent will be doled out based on fan base.

Italian clubs have negotiated their television rights individually since 1999. Projecting the deal under the new collective system, a package worth 900 million euros a season would mean a club like Juventus could rake in roughly 87 million euros a year.

Source: EU Football

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