Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Capello faces tax probe

Reports in Italy this morning suggest that new England manager Fabio Capello is under investigation for tax evasion.

According to Il Giornale, the 61-year-old has tax irregularities dating back to his spell on the bench at Roma and Juventus.

It is alleged that Capello set up a series of offshore companies that were run by his sons Pierfilippo and Edoardo.

However, Pierfilippo believes that the news has been blown out of proportion by the media.

"It’s not really an investigation – it’s just a check of the facts," he claimed. "In Italy this sort of thing happens all the time. The only reason that this is news is because my father is the new England boss and he is so high profile."

One specific target for the investigation is sponsorship payments that may have been received via the Capello Family Trust, which is registered in Guernsey.

Another company called Sport 3000, based in Luxembourg, is believed to have received money from Capello, who also owns a string of properties across Europe.

Turin public prosecutor Raffaele Guarinello is handling the case and is known for his work on the Juventus doping scandal of the 1990s.

Capello has been the centre of controversy in the past and accepted a £3000 fine in 2003 when he admitted signing a false residency declaration to become an inhabitant of a Swiss tax haven.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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