Saturday, 1 September 2007

Watch 5 free Serie A matches live online! are offering free live streaming of up to five Serie A matches live every week to viewers in the United Kingdom (UK).

Two matches will be shown live each matchday Saturday evening at 1700 and at 1930 UK time, and a further three matches on matchday Sunday's at 1400 (at least 2 matches) and at 1930.

This arrangement of matches is subject to change depending on how the fixtures are scheduled, for example midweek matches. Therefore please check our weekly listings below for further details of match coverage and timings each week.

Full English commentary is provided on all the matches, with the video streams begining approximately five minutes before the official kick-off time.

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* Coverage of Serie A matches on is not available in Italy, and may not be in other parts of the world.



  1. > THIS WEEK...

    Week 38 on
    Sampdoria v Juventus (Sat 17 May 1400)
    Catania v Roma (Sun 18 May 1400)
    Milan v Udinese (Sun 18 May 1400)
    Parma v Inter (Sun 18 May 1400)

    > THIS SEASON...

    Week 1 on
    Lazio v Torino (Sat 1700)
    Juventus v Livorno (Sat 1930)
    Genoa v Milan (Sun 1400)
    Inter v Udinese (Sun 1400)
    Palermo v Roma (Sun 1930)

    Week 2 on
    Empoli v Inter (Sat 1930)
    Cagliari v Juventus (Sun 1400)
    Roma v Siena (Sun 1400)
    Sampdoria v Lazio (Sun 1930)
    Milan v Fiorentina (Mon 1700)

    Euro 2008 Qualifier on
    Ukraine v Italy (Wed 2045)

    Week 3 on
    Siena v Milan (Sat 1700)
    Lazio v Empoli (Sat 1930)
    Inter v Catania (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Udinese (Sun 1400)
    Parma v Cagliari (Sun 1930)

    UEFA Cup First Round on
    Groningen v Fiorentina (Thu 1930)

    Week 4 on
    Udinese v Reggina (Sat 1700)
    Milan v Parma (Sat 1930)
    Roma v Juventus (Sun 1400)
    Sampdoria v Genoa (Sun 1930)

    Week 5 on
    Inter v Sampdoria (Wed 1930)
    Juventus v Reggina (Wed 1930)

    Week 6 on
    Roma v Inter (Sat 1700)
    Livorno v Fiorentina (Sat 1930)
    Cagliari v Siena (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Catania (Sun 1400)
    Torino v Juventus (Sun 1930)

    Week 7 on
    Atalanta v Udinese (Sat 1700)
    Inter v Napoli (Sat 1930)
    Torino v Sampdoria (Sun 1400)
    Lazio v Milan (Sun 1930)

    Week 8 on
    Roma v Napoli (Sat 1700)
    Reggina v Inter (Sat 1930)
    Fiorentina v Siena (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Empoli (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Genoa (Sun 1930)

    Week 9 on
    Torino v Cagliari (Sat 1700)
    Lazio v Udinese (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Roma (Sun 1400)
    Genoa v Fiorentina (Sun 1930)

    Week 10 on
    Inter v Genoa (Wed 1930)
    Juventus v Empoli (Wed 1930)
    Roma v Lazio (Wed 1930)

    Week 11 on
    Lazio v Fiorentina (Sat 1700)
    Milan v Torino (Sat 1930)
    Cagliari v Sampdoria (Sun 1400)
    Genoa v Palermo (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Inter (Sun 1930)

    UEFA Cup Group C on
    Fiorentina v Elfsborg (Thu 1945)

    Week 12 on
    Sampdoria v Empoli (Sat 1700)
    Palermo v Napoli (Sat 1930)
    Inter v Lazio (Sun 1400)
    Fiorentina v Udinese (Sun 1400)
    Roma v Cagliari (Sun 1930)

    Euro 2008 Qualifier on
    Ukraine v France (Wed 1930)

    Week 13 on
    Genoa v Roma (Sat 1700)
    Inter v Atalanta (Sat 1930)
    Cagliari v AC Milan (Sun 1400)
    Lazio v Parma (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Palermo (Sun 1930)

    Week 14 on
    Sampdoria v Reggina (Sat 1700)
    AC Milan v Juventus (Sat 1930)
    Fiorentina v Inter (Sun 1400)
    Roma v Udinese (Sun 1400)
    Torino v Genoa (Sun 1930)

    Rescheduled Week 12 on
    Inter v Lazio (Wed 1930)
    Roma v Cagliari (Wed 1930)

    Week 15 on
    Lazio v Catania (Sat 1700)
    Palermo v Fiorentina (Sat 1930)
    Inter v Torino (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Atalanta (Sun 1400)

    Week 16 on
    Catania v Udinese (Sat 1700)
    Lazio v Juventus (Sat 1930)
    Torino v Roma (Sun 1400)
    Cagliari v Inter (Sun 1930)

    Week 17 on
    Genoa v Parma (Sat 1700)
    Roma v Sampdoria (Sat 1930)
    Inter v Milan (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Siena (Sun 1930)

    Week 18 on
    Empoli v Reggina (Sat 1700)
    Catania v Juventus (Sat 1930)
    Cagliari v Udinese (Sun 1400)
    Lazio v Genoa (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Napoli (Sun 1930)

    Week 19 on
    Genoa v Ataloanta (Sat 1700)
    Fiorentina v Torino (Sat 1930)
    Juventus v Sampdoria (Sun 1400)
    Roma v Catania (Sun 1400)
    Inter v Parma (Sun 1930)

    Rescheduled Week 12 on
    Atalanta v Milan (Wed 1930)

    Week 20 on
    Sampdoria v Siena (Sat 1700)
    Roma v Palermo (Sat 1930)
    Cagliari v Napoli (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Genoa (Sun 1400)
    Livorno v Juventus (Sun 1930)

    Rescheduled Week 15 on
    Reggina v Milan (Wed 1930)

    Week 21 on
    Palermo v Livorno (Sat 1700)
    Inter v Empoli (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Cagliari (Sun 1400)
    Lazio v Sampdoria (Sun 1400)
    Fiorentina v Milan (Sun 1930)

    Week 22 on
    Atalanta v Fiorentina (Sat 1700)
    Roma v Reggina (Sun 1930)
    Milan v Siena (Sun 1400)
    Torino v Palermo (Sun 1400)
    Catania v Inter (Sun 1930)

    Rescheduled Week 16 on
    Milan v Livorno (Wed 1930)

    Week 23 on
    Inter v Livorno (Sat 1700)
    Parma v Milan (Sat 1700)
    Juventus v Roma (Sat 1930)
    Fiorentina v Catania (Sun 1400)
    Genoa v Sampdoria (Sun 1400)

    Week 24 on
    Torino v Parma (Sat 1700)
    Reggina Juventus (Sat 1930)
    Roma v Fiorentina (Sun 1400)
    Sampdoria v Inter (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Palermo (Sun 1930)

    Week 25 on
    Juventus v Torino (Tue 1930)
    Catania v Milan (Wed 1930)
    Fiorentina v Livorno (Wed 1930)
    Inter v Roma (Wed 1930)

    Week 26 on
    Roma v Parma (Sat 1700)
    Milan v Lazio (Sat 1930)
    Cagliari v Genoa (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Fiorentina (Sun 1400)

    Week 27 on
    Inter v Reggina (Sat 1700)
    Palermo v Udinese (Sat 1930)
    Catania v Cagliari (Sun 1400)
    Empoli v Milan (Sun 1400)
    Lazio v Livorno (Sun 1400)
    Siena v Fiorentina (Sun 1400)
    Genoa v Juventus (Sun 1930)

    Week 28 on
    Roma v Milan (Sat 1930)
    Fiorentina v Genoa (Sun 1400)
    Inter v Palermo (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Napoli (Sun 1930)

    Week 29 on
    Genoa v Inter (Wed 1930)
    Milan v Sampdoria (Wed 1930)
    Torino v Udinese (Wed 1930)
    Lazio v Roma (Wed 2015)

    Week 30 on
    Fiorentina v Lazio (Sat 1400)
    Roma v Empoli (Sat 1400)
    Torino v Milan (Sat 1400)
    Inter v Juventus (Sat 1930)

    Week 31 on
    Cagliari v Roma (Sat 1700)
    Lazio v Inter (Sat 1930)
    Catania v Torino (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Parma (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Atalanta (Sun 1400)

    Week 32 on
    Roma v Genoa (Sat 1700)
    Milan v Cagliari (Sat 1930)
    Catania v Napoli (Sun 1400)
    Fiorentina v Reggina (Sun 1400)
    Palermo v Juventus (Sun 1930)

    Week 33 on
    Palermo v Catania (Sat 1700)
    Juventus v Milan (Sat 1930)
    Genoa v Torino (Sun 1400)
    Lazio v Siena (Sun 1400)
    Udinese v Roma (Sun 1400)
    Inter v Fiorentina (Sun 1930)

    Rescheduled Week 31 on
    Juventus v Parma (Wed 2000)

    Week 34 on
    Roma v Livorno (Sat 1700)
    Fiorentina v Palermo (Sat 1930)
    Atalanta v Juventus (Sun 1400)
    Catania v Lazio (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Reggina (Sun 1400)
    Torino v Inter (Sun 1930)

    Week 35 on
    Inter v Cagliari (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Lazio (Sun 1400)
    Roma v Torino (Sun 1400)

    Week 36 on
    Cagliari v Fiorentina (Sun 1400)
    Milan v Inter (Sun 1400)

    Week 37 on
    Inter v Siena (Sun 1400)
    Juventus v Catania (Sun 1400)
    Roma v Atalanta (Sun 1400)

  2. This arrangement of matches is subject to change depending on how the fixtures are scheduled, for example midweek matches.