Thursday, 2 August 2007

Serie A returns to UK terrestrial TV

Serie A live on Five (UK only)UPDATED: August 23 2007
Live coverage of Italy’s Serie A returns to terrestrial TV in the United Kingdom with Five showing a top game every Sunday afternoon when the new season kicks off on August 26, 2007.

Five will broadcast live action for 34 weeks of the season at 1330 (kick-off 1400) on Sundays and is also showing a weekly half hour preview and highlights magazine programme on Saturday mornings at around 1130.

There will also be coverage of a second match in Five’s late night sports output.

'Football Italiano' will be presented by Mark Chapman and former AC Milan Channel host Laura Esposto (pictured). Tony Jones and John Barnes will offer the commentary.

Robert Charles, Controller of Sport for Five, said: "Serie A is still one of the strongest leagues in football with some of the most talented players in the world. The national side are, of course, the current world champions and Milan are Champions League winners.

"We are delighted that our viewers - both terrestrial and on digital - will be able to see some of the top club sides in the world in a truly fantastic league."

Mike Ingram of Inform Group, who secured the deal with Five on behalf of Media Partners & Silva Ltd, said: "I believe that UK football fans will be delighted to see live Italian football back on terrestrial television. Five are a fantastic partner for Italian football.

"This agreement reverses the trend of terrestrial broadcasters losing out to Pay-TV. Serie A is now the only one of the big five leagues to have international terrestrial coverage in a major western European market."

Five's first live match will see champions Inter entertain Udinese at the San Siro on Sunday August 26.

Please check our weekly listings below for further details of which matches will be shown live on Five.

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  1. > THIS WEEK...

    Week 38 Live on Five & Fiver:
    Parma v Inter (Sun May 18, 1345)
    Catania v Roma (Sun May 18, 1345)
    Week 38 on Five:
    Match TBA (Wed May 21, Overnight)

    > THIS SEASON...

    Week 1 Live on Five:
    Inter v Udinese (Sun Aug 26, 1330)
    Week 1 on Five:
    Juventus v Livorno (Wed Aug 29, Overnight)

    Week 2 Live on Five:
    Cagliari v Juventus (Sun Sep 2, 1330)
    Week 2 on Five:
    Roma v Siena (Wed Sep 5, Overnight)

    Week 3 Live on Five:
    Juventus v Udinese (Sun Sep 16, 1330)
    Week 3 on Five:
    Inter v Catania (Wed Sep 19, Overnight)

    Week 4 Live on Five:
    Roma v Juventus (Sun Sep 23, 1330)
    Week 4 on Five:
    Sampdoria v Genoa (Wed Sep 19, Overnight)

    Week 6 Live on Five:
    Milan v Catania (Sun Sep 30, 1330)
    Week 6 on Five:
    Roma v Inter (Wed Oct 3, Overnight)

    Week 7 Live on Five:
    Fiorentina v Juventus (Sun Oct 7, 1330)
    Week 7 on Five:
    Parma v Roma (Wed Oct 10, Overnight)

    Week 8 Live on Five:
    Milan v Empoli (Sun Oct 21, 1330)
    Week 8 on Five:
    Fiorentina v Siena (Wed Oct 24, Overnight)

    Week 9 Live on Five:
    Milan v Roma (Sun Oct 28, 1330)
    Week 9 on Five:
    Palermo v Inter (Wed Oct 31, Overnight)

    Week 11 Live on Five:
    Empoli v Roma (Sun Nov 4, 1330)
    Week 11 on Five:
    Juventus v Inter (Wed Nov 7, Overnight)

    Week 12 Live on Five:
    Inter v Lazio (Postponed)
    Fiorentina v Udinese (Sun Nov 11, 1330)
    Week 12 on Five:
    Fiorentina v Udinese (Wed Nov 14, Overnight)

    Week 13 Live on Five:
    Cagliari v AC Milan (Sun Nov 25, 1330)
    Week 13 on Five:
    Lazio v Parma (Wed Nov 28, Overnight)

    Week 14 Live on Five:
    Fiorentina v Inter (Sun Dec 2, 1330)
    Week 14 on Five:
    Milan v Juventus (Wed Dec 5, Overnight)

    Week 15 Live on Five:
    Juventus v Atalanta (Sun Dec 9, 1330)
    Week 15 on Five:
    Inter v Torino (Wed Dec 12, Overnight)

    Week 16 Live on Five:
    Torino v Roma (Sun Dec 16, 1330)
    Week 16 on Five:
    Lazio v Juventus (Wed Dec 19, Overnight)

    Week 17 Live on Five:
    Inter v Milan (Sun Dec 23, 1330)

    Week 18 Live on Five:
    Atalanta v Roma (Sun Jan 13, 1345)
    Week 18 on Five:
    Milan v Napoli (Wed Jan 16, Overnight)

    Week 19 Live on Five:
    Juventus v Sampdoria (Sun Jan 20, 1345)
    Week 19 on Five:
    Udinese v Milan (Wed Jan 23, Overnight)

    Week 20 Live on Five:
    Udinese v Inter (Sun Jan 27, 1345)
    Week 20 on Five:
    Milan v Genoa (Wed Jan 30, Overnight)

    Week 21 Live on Five:
    Siena v Roma (Sun Feb 3, 1345)
    Week 21 on Five:
    Inter v Empoli (Wed Feb 6, Overnight)

    Week 22 Live on Five:
    Sampdoria v Napoli (Sun Feb 10, 1345)
    Week 22 on Five:
    Catania v Inter (Wed Feb 13, Overnight)

    Week 23 Live on Five:
    Genoa v Sampdoria (Sun Feb 17, 1345)
    Week 23 on Five:
    Juventus v Roma (Wed Feb 20, Overnight)

    Week 24 Live on Five:
    Roma v Fiorentina (Sun Feb 24, 1345)
    Week 24 on Five:
    Sampdoria v Inter (Wed Feb 27, Overnight)

    Week 26 Live on Five:
    Juventus v Fiorentina (Sun Mar 2, 1345)
    Week 26 on Five:
    Milan v Lazio (Wed Mar 5, Overnight)

    Week 27 Live on Five:
    Empoli v Milan (Sun Mar 9, 1345)
    Week 27 on Five:
    Genoa v Juventus (Wed Mar 12, Overnight)

    Week 28 Live on Five:
    Inter v Palermo (Sun Mar 16, 1345)
    Week 28 on Five:
    Roma v Milan (Wed Mar 19, Overnight)

    Week 29 on Five:
    Inter v Juventus (Wed Mar 26, Overnight)

    Week 31 Live on Five:
    Juventus v Parma (Postponed)
    Udinese v Fiorentina (Sun Mar 30, 1345)
    Week 31 on Five:
    Lazio v Inter (Wed Apr 2, Overnight)

    Week 32 Live on Five:
    Atalanta v Inter (Sun Apr 6, 1330)
    Week 32 on Five:
    Palermo v Juventus (Wed Apr 9, Overnight)

    Week 33 Live on Five:
    Udinese v Roma (Sun Apr 13, 1345)
    Week 33 on Five:
    Inter v Fiorentina (Wed Apr 16, Overnight)

    Week 34 Live on Five:
    Milan v Reggina (Sun Apr 20, 1345)
    Week 34 on Five:
    Inter v Torino (Wed Apr 23, Overnight)

    Week 35 Live on Five:
    Inter v Cagliari (Sun Apr 27, 1345)
    Week 35 on Five:
    Roma v Torino (Wed Apr 30, Overnight)

    Week 36 Live on Five:
    Milan v Inter (Sun May 4, 1330)
    Week 36 on Five:
    Milan v Inter (Wed May 7, Overnight)

    Week 37 Live on Five:
    Inter v Siena (Sun May 11, 1345)
    Week 37 on Five:
    Roma v Atalanta (Wed May 14, Overnight)

  2. i hope new season 2008-09 will be live on five.