Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Quagliarella and Cassetti face auction

The deadline for co-ownership agreements has passed and 14 players’ futures will be decided by blind auction on Thursday, including that of Marco Cassetti and Fabio Quagliarella.

A blind auction takes place in Italian football when two sides, who each own 50% of a player, can’t agree on the fate of a full transfer.

Therefore they secretly place an offer, for the other club’s 50 per cent stake in the individual, in a sealed envelope and then hand that over to the Football League (Lega Calcio).

Whichever club bids the highest has to pay that fee in order to net the player. The envelopes will be opened and revealed on Thursday.

Some situations were resolved before Wednesday's deadline. Davide Biondini and Paolo Bianco are now entirely owned by Cagliari after buying out Reggina and Catania respectively.

Davide Marchini is now co-owned by the Sardinians, having previously been on loan from Triestina.

Christian Maggio remains at Sampdoria after agreeing to share his contract with Fiorentina, renewing deals with Palermo for Christian Terlizzi and Massimo Bonanni as well as with Udinese for Mirko Pieri and Salvatore Foti.

Samp have sold their half of Luca Antonini to Milan and Mark Edusei to Catania. However, the Blucerchiati have failed to reach an agreement with Udinese over the ownership of transfer hot property Quagliarella.

He goes into the blind auction along with 13 other players tomorrow afternoon.

Blind auctions:
Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria/Udinese), Andrea Coda (Udinese/Empoli), Marco Cassetti (Roma/Lecce), Gianluca Comotto (Torino/Roma), Damiano Ferronetti (Parma/Roma), Giuseppe Scurto (Chievo/Roma), Daniele Corvia (Siena/Roma), Stephen Makinwa (Lazio/Palermo), Michele Ferri (Cagliari/Palermo), Davide Matteini (Palermo/Empoli), Viktor Boudianski (Ascoli/Juventus), Daniele Gastaldello (Siena/Juventus), Tomas Danilevicius (Bologna/Livorno) & Mattia Graffiedi (Triestina/Milan).

[Serie A: Transfer Market]

Source: C4 Football Italia

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