Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ranieri: Serie A is the best!

Claudio Ranieri has saved Parma and after experiencing all the top European Leagues has reached a conclusion - "Serie A is the toughest in the world!"

The former Valencia and Chelsea boss took over at the Stadio Tardini from Stefano Pioli when his side was locked deep in the relegation zone, but today’s 3-1 win over Empoli secured their safety.

"Let us all rejoice at this achievement that was unexpected in the eyes of many. Some called me crazy when I arrived here," he smiled. "I didn’t even look at the table when I took the job. That’s probably for the best, or I might have reconsidered! Thanks to all the lads who climbed this mountain."

Ranieri has been linked with a return to the Premiership and the Manchester City bench, but he was cagey. "I have not signed with anyone and I challenge anyone to contradict me on that. Now I will take a three-day break, talk to the club and we will make a relaxed decision together."

He has experienced all three of the top European Leagues and assures there is only one that truly stands out for him. "Everyone has their own League and Italy has absolutely nothing to envy anyone. Serie A is the most difficult of them all and we are the best under many aspects.

"Some Coaches like Rafa Benitez seem to be moulded from the old Italian school. So we should not complain about our own sport."

Chievo are furious that Parma, Reggina and Siena beat stronger sides in the final round to send the Flying Donkeys into Serie B, but Ranieri points out it’s the same the world over.

"Just look at Spain, where the Atletico Madrid fans were encouraging Barcelona to score against them so it would not favour Real Madrid!"

Source: C4 Football Italia

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