Saturday, 19 May 2007

Juventus: Didier stays? Definitely... maybe

Juventus are back in Serie A, but while President Giovanni Cobolli Gigli says Didier Deschamps will remain, director Jean Claude Blanc isn’t so sure.

The past few weeks have seen the tension within the club skyrocket and the coach warn there was a "strange air" in the side amid disagreements over transfer strategy and tactics.

"Deschamps will certainly stay and I never had any doubts on his future," said President Cobolli Gigli after the 5-1 win at Arezzo that booked their ticket to the top flight. "We have been repaid for 300 days of hard work. Last summer we risked Serie C and now we are finally in Serie A.

"We are now focused on the fact there are 100 days until the first top flight game. It will be tough, but we can build a competitive squad. The champions must remain and Blanc will find reinforcements, while we also have talented youngsters like Claudio Marchisio.

"Thankfully we will no longer have to suffer at the hands of the sporting justice system, as we have already paid more than our dues."

However, while Cobolli Gigli seems confident that Deschamps’ position is not in doubt, director Blanc does not share the same attitude.

"The priority was to secure our return to Serie A and we are finally back home. Now we will begin to work on the other challenges that await us,” said the transfer guru when asked about the tactician’s contract.

"In a family there are going to be arguments, so imagine in a football club! It’s all normal, as everyone here shares the same objective – what is good for Juve. We have a lot to get done and create a squad worthy of the Grande Juve."

[Juve clinch promotion]

Source: C4 Football Italia

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