Tuesday, 29 May 2007

FIGC elect new Vice-Presidents

The Italian Federation has elected three new vice-Presidents, including former Milan midfielder Demetrio Albertini.

The FIGC had already placed Giancarlo Abete in the President’s chair and this evening the decision was made to complete his staff.

Albertini is the current President of the AIC (Italian Players’ Association), while Carlo Tavecchio is the President of the LND (National Amateur League). Both are now Vice-Presidents of the Federation.

An honorary Vice-Presidential position has also gone to Cesare Gussoni. He is the President of the AIA (Italian Referees’ Association).

This is a blow for the Lega Calcio, who had put forward their own chief Antonio Matarrese for that post.

"We examined the new code of the sporting justice system and elected three new Vice-Presidents of the FIGC," confirmed Abete.

Gussoni’s election was not unanimous, showing another split within the complex world of Italian football.

"Perhaps we were just accustomed to meetings where there was a unanimous vote. We are in a phase of greater clarity and there was an ample debate, although not so much on Gussoni, who was appreciated by everyone.

"The Lega Calcio members left during the voting process, but they did so out of respect, otherwise they would have had to vote against Gussoni."

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