Friday, 9 March 2007

More stadiums re-open

The Italian Government has confirmed that the stadiums of Empoli, Bologna and Lecce will re-open to fans this weekend.

The arenas had been shut after regulations were tightened following the Catania riots last month, but the work needed to bring the facilities up to standard have been completed and the situation will now return to normality at the Castellani, Dall’Ara and Via del Mare.

The Piacenza and Salerno venues have also been given the green light to host supporters, although they will only be able to seat season ticket holders for the time being.

The National Observatory has also confirmed that there will not be more than one evening match per day and that the late fixture will be chosen amongst the ones which are not considered at risk.

Furthermore, starting from March 30, only authorised banners, flags, drums and megaphones will be allowed inside the stadiums, as the supporters will have to inform the relevant football clubs of what will be brought into venues for matches.

Source: C4 Football Italia

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