Thursday, 8 February 2007

New Delle' Alpi plans approved

The FIGC has given the go-ahead to Juventus’ plans to rebuild the Stadio Delle' Alpi.

"Extraordinary Commissioner Luca Pancalli expressed his approval for the work the club has done in these months, both for the architectural quality of the project and our method of interpreting football," read a Press release.

The project will cost £85m to complete, but the restructuring work will only begin if Italy are awarded the 2012 European Championship.

The ‘new’ Delle Alpi would have a capacity of 42,000 seats, similar to the AOL Arena in Hamburg.

"This is a total novelty of its type, a stadium and surroundings created as an entertainment centre able to function every day of the week," noted director Jean Claude Blanc.

"It will be a secure environment for families and able to host great international events."

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